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Phase 01

Launch of Kids Cartoon discord Create Kids Cartoon website /lore Social media interaction / creation of twitter account.

Phase 02

Minting 3333 Kids nft  Listing on magic eden Staking site  $milk tokens.

Phase 03

$milk token utilities. Staking and rewards, staking your Kids cartoon NFT will earn you $milk tokens $milk tokens can be used to purchase books from the bookshop. Introduction of the bookshop! some books will become a school textbook, and some will become a comic book if you get a textbook, you can stake it together with your kids nft to evolve it if you get a comic book, it can be used with $milk tokens to mint gen 2.

Phase 04

Metaverse. Kids cartoon have future plans for a metaverse, but the possibility of joining other well established metaverse is also going to be considered.